Firmware-Updates – Pioneer Blu-ray-Player und KURO-Plasma-TV

Besser spät als nie… im August hat Pioneer aktuelle Firmware-Updates für die Blu-ray-Player BDP-LX70 und LX70a und auch für die KURO Plasma-TV der 9. Generation veröffentlicht.

Verbesserungen der neuen Firmware für die Blu-ray-Player LX-70 / LX70A:

Ver2.50 (LX-70) / 3.30 (LX-/70A)

– Enhances stability of BD-Java playback.(*)
– Fixes a case that returns the menu screen during playback of certain DVD-Video.
– Performance improvement
* The player’s action can be slower than expected depending on contents (menu, game, etc.) included in certain BD-Java discs.

Firmware-Update Blu-ray-Player:

Auch für die neuen KURO-Plasma-TV der 9. Generation (PDP-LX5090H und PDP-LX6090H) ist ein Firmware-Update erhältlich. Die Verbesserungen:

This update addresses two issues:
(1) DVB-T support is added for Austria, Finland, France, The Netherlands
For products released in designated areas, without DVB-T support for Austria, Finland, France and
The Netherlands, this update will add these countries to the list of selectable countries in the DTV set-
How to verify which DVB-T regions are already activated on your TV
To verify directly on your KURO Flat Screen TV featuring both digital terrestrial and digital satellite TV
broadcast reception for which regions digital terrestrial TV broadcast reception has been activated,
please do the following:
Step 1 : make sure that the digital tuner (terrestrial or satellite) is the active selection
While your KURO is on, push one of the number keys on the remote control: in case the channel
identification that is briefly shown in the top left corner is starts with the letter „A“ (followed by a
number), push the „TV/DTV/SAT“ key on the remote control once or twice to select the digital
terrestrial (identified by „D“) or satellite (identified by „S“) tuner respectively.
Please note that this step is needed to be able to continue with the next step, even if you have not
(yet) set-up the digital terrestrial and/or satellite tuner.
Step 2 : check the DTV set-up
• Access the “Home Menu”, and select “Setup”
• On the next menu layer, select „System Setup“
• On the next menu layer, select „Digital Tuner Setup“ (if this is greyed out, please go to step 1 first)
• On the next menu layer, select „Installation“
• On the next menu layer, select „Digital Setup“
• On the next menu layer, select „Country“: in case Austria, Finland, France and The
Netherlands are already selectable, please do not apply this update to your KURO.

(2) Revisions to the graphical user interface terminology
• Improvements in the German language terminology
• Polish language removed
How to verify if the graphical user interface terminology of your KURO is already on the level
included in this update
Since this graphical user interface terminology update is linked to adding DVB-T support for the
aforementioned countries, your KURO only needs this update in case you can not find these countries
in the DTV set-up (verification as described above).
In case Austria, Finland, France and The Netherlands are already selectable in the DTV set-up,
please do not apply this update to your KURO.

Firmware-Update KURO-Plasma-TV:

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  1. This is an interesting post, I have been searching for a plasma lcd I will give this a try out over the next few week, thanks for sharing

  2. I am glad I checked out your site about Firmware-Updates – Pioneer Blu-ray-Player und KURO-Plasma-TV. Thanks!

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