DENON Software Update für DTS:X verfügbar

DENON hat heute das lang ersehnte Software Update für DTS:X online gestellt. Auf einem AVR-X4200W ist das Update jetzt verfügbar. Das Update soll ca. 40 Minuten dauern. Zufinden unter Setup – Allgemein – Firmware – Update.

Die neueste Firmware USB_AVRX4200E2_CY920_000100850200-0002 von DENON bringt dann neben Dolby Atmos – bei geeigneten AV-Receivern – ein zweites objektbasiertes Soundformat für die Zukunft bei der Verwendung von neuen Ultra Blu-rays mit DTS:X kostenlos heraus. Als Alternative steht noch das kostenpflichtige Auro-3D (149,- EUR) parat.

Anleitung für das USB-Update, wenn keine Internet-Verbindung besteht oder möglich ist:

You will need a FAT16 or FAT32 formatted USB stick with at least 2GB capacity.
Please download the latest firmware archive from the Denon firmware download page: USB_AVR- Unzip the contents (incl. all folders and subfolders) to the USB stick. The USB stick should have following directory structure:
Please note that after USB update an initialisation of the microprocessor may be necessary. This will result in all settings being erased and the unit may need reconfigured/recalibrated. We recommend taking note of your settings before updating.
Please read the following instructions carefully before executing: NOTE:Remove the LAN cable from this unit when performing updates.
1. Disconnect the AC plug of your AVR-X4200W.
2. Insert the USB flash drive into the front USB input
3. While pressing the “ STATUS “ button and the “ OPTION“ button at the same time and insert AC
plug to the unit. „USB AllUpdate“ appears in the FL Display.
4. Update of the Firmware starts. During the update, the power indicator illuminates red and the GUI
screen display disappears. The remaining update time appears in the display of the main unit. When the update is completed, the unit switches into the standbv mode. After the restart, all devices will be updated.
If an error occurs, please check the directory structure / files on the USB flash drive for errors and try again. Please then carry out a reinitialisation of the unit as per the instructions below:
1. Switch the AVR-X4200W into the standby mode.
2. While pressing the „CURSOR UP “ button and “ CURSOR DOWN “ button at the same time,
power on this unit. All segments in the FL display are blinking.
3. Release the buttons and wait until the receiver is ready.
Denon is not responsible for any damages resulting from the inappropriate use of this firmware or updating the unit in an improper way.

Quelle: Denon